Tax Ombudsman Institute established in Azerbaijan

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In order to more effectively ensure the protection of taxpayers rights the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan established a Tax Ombudsman Institute.

The Tax Ombudsman will provide a prompt reaction to taxpayers’ appeals without applying them to the court and contribute to establishing an atmosphere of mutual trust and cooperation between taxpayers and tax authorities.

Minister of Taxes Mr. Mikayil Jabbarov by his decree approved a “Tax Ombudsman Statute” which determines its activities, rights and obligations. By the same decree Mr. Elchin Mammadov was appointed as Tax Ombudsman.

One of the main tasks of the Ministry of Taxes is to ensure that the taxpayers’ requests are duly and impartially investigated. As such, the Tax Ombudsman will assist the taxpayers by ensuring their legal protection and providing impartial investigation and consideration of their requests.