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Behavioural interventions in payment notifications

Fundamentally, the field of behavioural insights is focused on understanding human decisions and behaviours, then leveraging those insights to design practical policies and interventions. Regarding tax administration, it can be beneficially applied to a wide range of areas, from taxpayer services and enforcement to internal topics such as employee engagement and productivity. Promoting and encouraging taxpayers’ voluntary tax compliance is key to efficient tax administration.
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Publication of IOTA Report on Effective Treatment of Tax Rulings Subject to the Exchange Between Tax Administrations – A Review of Progress

On 16th December 2021, IOTA published on its website its latest report ‘Effective Treatment of Tax Rulings Subject to the Exchange Between Tax Administrations – A Review of Progress’. The report considers what progress has been made by members on the exchange of tax rulings and provides suggestions to improve the quality, consistency and content of the tax rulings summaries exchanged and ensure the appropriate and effective use of tax ruling information received.

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Digital Workshop on IOTA’s New 5-year Strategy

IOTA organised a digital Workshop on the 2023-2027 IOTA Strategy (the new Strategy) with members, which took place on 10th December 2021. This workshop aimed to gather feedback from IOTA members on the early stage of the new Strategy preparation to incorporate it into the draft. 

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Spanish Tax Agency Consolidates its Integral Digital Assistance Model (ADI)

The Spanish Tax Agency´s (AEAT) Strategic Plan 2020-2023 envisaged, as one of its core measures, the development of a new model of interaction and of providing assistance services to taxpayers remotely: the so-called Integral Digital Administration (ADI, by its Spanish acronym). Though the preparations for its implementation started in early 2020, it became a crucial means of service delivery during the pandemic.

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IOTA Workshop on the Use of AI in Tax Administration

The IOTA Workshop on Artificial Intelligence shared a unique perspective on defining AI in the tax context, explored IOTA member administrations’ experiences of using AI in the field of taxation, and provided a better understanding of the process of development, implementation, and use of AI.

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IOTA Workshop on Tax Treatment of Cryptocurrencies

A two-day digital workshop was held by IOTA on 29th-30th November 2021 about the Tax Treatment of Cryptocurrencies. With 222 participants from 38 IOTA member tax administrations attended the event, who are all facing multiple challenges understanding the nature and economic effects of cryptocurrencies in their constituencies – the workshop aimed at addressing some of these challenges.