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On 6-8 September 2023, a successful joint IOTA-OECD ISORA 2023 Workshop took place in Vienna, Austria. The 3-day event was hosted by the Federal Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Austria. The IOTA’s organiser team including Roman Bichevoy, Strategy & Institutional Development Manager, and Oksana Stepanenko, International Taxation Expert represented IOTA Secretariat at the Workshop.

The Workshop brought together nearly 55 in-person participants from 35 countries,  mostly from the IOTA membership. Plenary sessions of the workshop were broadcast live through Microsoft Teams (MS), where participants from up to 10 other participating countries could follow the presentations virtually.    

The purpose of this three-day workshop was to introduce a new periodic ISORA 2023 survey, as well as to continue sharing knowledge and best practices among ISORA participants on survey completion and data usage for the benefit of tax administrations. The event was practical in nature combining plenary sessions, country presentations, open debates, and breakout group discussions. The participants were presented with a detailed overview of the comprehensive ISORA 2023 survey on the data collection platform, they had a closer look at the functionalities of the RA-FIT data portal, and they also shared their experience of working with ISORA.

On the first day, presentations were made by ISORA coordinators and data analysts from Greece and the Netherlands on their recent experience and best examples of using ISORA data for organizational planning, comparison of performance, engagement with other jurisdictions, and other purposes. Another thematic session on the third day of the workshop was dedicated to sharing good practices for ISORA preparation and completion, where ISORA coordinators from Ukraine and Saudi Arabia presented their approaches to collecting the data, coordinating within the organization to make sure that all stakeholders have a common understanding of the content, cross-checking the collected data and engagement of the senior management in overseeing the ISORA survey completion.

For more information about ISORA, please visit the dedicated section on the IOTA website.