The State Tax Service of the Republic of Moldova Announces the Launch of the Institution's New Web Page

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The State Tax Service will launch the new website of the institution on April 1, 2021. The website portal will have a multidimensional, dynamic and intuitive structure that will implement the latest trends in the field of interaction with Internet users and exposure of multimedia elements.

The development and implementation of a new version of the official website of the State Tax Service aims at developing the institutional capacity of the STS regarding promotion and fulfilment the citizens’ rights, as well as regarding the access of authorized users within the STS to public information and decision-making process.

The official web page of the State Tax Service will allow to reduce the time spent on process of finding, viewing and extracting the relevant documents related to the activity of the STS. This objective will be achieved by automating the processes of collecting, publishing and disseminating content information, also by integrating the services provided by other STS cyber subsystems.

Furthermore, the new web page of the State Tax Service will have a module for people with disabilities, thanks to which people with visual disabilities will be able to easily access it.

The State Tax Service is the authority that tends to instantly adhere to the principles underlying effective interaction in dialogue with civil society, as: accessibility, topicality, continuity and coherence, assistance to the taxpayer, efficiency, veracity and transparency.

All these principles were taken into account when developing the institution’s new website.