The Spanish Tax Agency´s App Functionality to Pay, Defer and Consult Debts Awarded the Prize “Citizenship 2023”

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The Spanish Government grants prizes for Quality and Innovation in Public Management on an annual basis. In the XVI edition, the Spanish Tax Agency has been awarded the prize “Citizenship” for its App functionality to pay, defer and consult debts. The aim of this service, available from July 2022, is to make more agile, quick and simple the payment of debts, the request of a deferment or a payment on instalments, the consultation of the state of pending debts or obtaining a certificate of being up to date with tax liabilities. The system is available 24/7, so that taxpayers can save time and avoid travelling to the tax offices to perform these formalities.

Navigation through the app is convenient and intuitive and the contents are offered in a simple manner. Moreover, video tutorials, a brochure and a guide have been produced to support taxpayers.

The app has several simple navigation levels with sections and subsections in chain screens so that taxpayers can choose the option more adapted to their profile and the procedure they want to follow in a few clicks. In addition, it has a link to tax collection virtual assistance tools for calculation of delay interests or instalments. Once the procedure is finalised, they get an instant receipt of the Tax Agency.

In the case of deferments, in most cases, the reply of the Tax Agency is also immediate (in seconds) if the taxpayer is subscribed to AEAT alerts system. He/she will get either a push notification in the app, an e-mail or an SMS.

This service adds on to other digital services such as the Integral Digital Administration, the virtual assistance tools and phone services, and complement the face-to-face assistance in the tax offices.

The functionality was showcased in the exhibition and presented in a parallel session of the IOTA General Assembly held in Tbilisi last June.

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