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October-December 2016

It is our pleasure to share with you news about IOTA activities carried out between October and December last year.

IOTA’s first Annual International Conference

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IOTA’s high level International Conference was held in Budapest on 8-9 November 2016, dedicated to the theme ‘Transforming Tax Administration and Involving Tax Payers in Developing Better Compliance and Business Processes’.


This event was co-organised together with the Hungarian National Tax and Customs Administration - NTCA and attracted more than 80 participants, from IOTA Member Countries, the Australian Taxation Office, the United States Internal Revenue Service, representatives from other international organisations; the OECD, European Commission, Eurasian Economic Commission and delegates from academia, business associations, tax intermediaries and consultants. This first Annual IOTA International Conference aimed at providing a senior level forum for dialogue on strategic issues challenging tax administrations in the European Region and beyond. The conference successfully established an inclusive high level platform where commissioners, deputy commissioners and senior executives shared methods and approaches. Read more

IOTA-OECD First Regional Meeting of the Inclusive Framework on BEPS for Eastern Europe and Central Asia

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The First Regional Meeting of the Inclusive Framework on BEPS for Eastern Europe and Central Asia Countries was organised jointly by OECD and IOTA on 14-16 December in Vilnius, Lithuania. The event was hosted by the Ministry of Finance and the State Tax Inspectorate of Lithuania and brought together 62 officials from finance ministries and tax administrations of 14 countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine) as well as representatives from local business community to discuss recent developments in the inclusive framework including its governance and membership, and the implementation of the BEPS Package including its minimum standards in the areas of harmful tax practices, treaty abuse, country by country reporting and dispute resolution. Read more

IOTA is strengthening relations with the World Customs Organisation

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On 23-24 November IOTA President, Mr Roman Nasirov and Executive Secretary, Mr Miguel Silva Pinto attended the international conference “Modern Platforms of Interaction – Enhancing Cooperation between Tax and Customs Administrations”, that took place in Budapest and was organized jointly by the WCO Regional Training Centre (RTC) in Budapest - operated by the Hungarian Tax and Customs Administration - and the National University of Public Service of Hungary. In the margins of the conference, the President and Executive Secretary of IOTA held a bilateral meeting with Mr Kunio Mikuriya, WCO Secretary General and agreed to deepen the cooperation between the two organisations. Read more

IOTA issued new publications

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IOTA e-book 'Data-driven Tax Administration' contains articles on challenges and opportunities tax administrations face in the new, digital world. There is a greater call for more tax transparency among both individuals and businesses and the aim is for this to be achieved by large scale data exchanges between tax authorities. Please find here the e-book.

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The 35th edition of the magazine of IOTA, the Tax Tribune contains 17 working papers prepared by speakers of various workshops IOTA organised throughout 2016.

Please find here the magazine.

Technical activities organised by IOTA for its members

Iota Workshops Iota Workshops Iota Workshops

Applying Behavioural Insights to Debt Management Operations (5-7 October 2016, Tbilisi, Georgia)
10th meeting of IOTA Area Group on Debt Management

30 members from 24 IOTA member countries, representatives of EU Commission (DG TAXUD) discussed the use of behavioural insights and practical application of behaviour change techniques. Participants were also informed about progress of the ongoing IOTA project on Measuring Debt Management Performance sponsored by Federal Finance Service of Belgium. Read more

Analysis and Efficient Use of Big Data - a Challenge for Tax Administrations (19-21 October 2016, Utrecht, the Netherlands)
IOTA workshop

80 participants from 32 IOTA member administrations, the representatives of EU Commission (DG TAXUD) presented their most recent solutions and shared experience of applying data analytics in tax administration. The workshop was linked with the ongoing IOTA Good Practice Guide (GPG) project 'Applying Data and Analytics in Tax Administrations', sponsored by the Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration. Read more

Establishing IT Forensic Laboratory for Tax Purposes (23- 25 November 2016, Skopje, FYROM)
IOTA regional workshop

30 participants from the countries of the Balkan region discussed legislative and organisational requirements, the education of employees and the added value of establishing an IT forensic unit in the tax administration. Read more

Practical Implementation of the Automatic Exchange of Information (on 7-9 December 2016)
IOTA-Fiscalis 2020 Programme workshop

80 Competent Authority and IT-specialists from 36 IOTA member countries, European Commission services and invited guests from ATAF and OECD discussed practical and IT aspects of the automatic exchange of information between the Competent Authorities. The workshop was organized as part of the strategic partnership between IOTA and the EU Commission (DG TAXUD). Read more


The Italian Revenue Agency's Serbian language tutorial on how to obtain the tax identification number

Meeting of Italian Revenue Agency and Turkish Revenue Administration on informal economy and tax compliance
Tax gap estimates for 2014-15 in United Kingdom
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The Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes held in Tbilisi, Georgia
Brochures for non EU travelers in Spain
TADAT performance assessment conducted in Georgia
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Enhanced administrative cooperation on tax controls between Italy’s Revenue Agency and Tax Administration of Bavaria
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