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January-April 2016

Dear Partner,

It is our pleasure to share with you news about IOTA activities carried out this year (January-April). This is the first of our tri-annual newsletter.

IOTA celebrates 20 years anniversary in 2016

IOTA was established in 1996 by 7 members and now in 2016 our organization has 46 member tax administrations. On this occasion we have started to use the anniversary logo and we have also refreshed our design and created a new IOTA brand book. The main event of the commemoration will be the 20th anniversary going to be held in July in Bucharest, Romania.

20th General Assembly of IOTA: Data-driven Tax Administration   This year's General Assembly offers an executive insight and will showcase solutions helping to build a data-driven Tax Administration open to new opportunities and new ways of creating unprecedented public good and economic value from its collective data assets. The start of the 21st century has seen an enormous increase in the amount and complexity of digital data and data exchange in society. The new data environment offers huge opportunities and benefits for tax administrations to harness this potential and to develop knowledge and technologies that will lead to efficient and transparent revenue collection, personalised service delivery, while reducing burdens for individual taxpayers, businesses and society. For further information please visit our website:

Launch of the new website of IOTA   IOTA has launched its new website in January. Please visit our page:

IOTA project started on Applying Data and Analytics in Tax Administrations

Read more   The main objective of this innovative IOTA project, sponsored by the Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration, is to produce an IOTA Good Practice Guide. The Guide aims to share experiences, developments and future possibilities of data and analytics in tax administration as well as emerged problems and searching for solutions. Read more

IOTA organised 9 workshops in 2016 for its members

Iota Workshops Iota Workshops Iota Workshops

‘VAT Avoidance - Special Issues’

38 tax officials from 22 IOTA member countries discussed their experiences, example schemes and their approach to reducing the VAT loss due to avoidance schemes. Read more

‘Tax Administration’s Marketing Activities to Inform Taxpayers and Improve Perceptions of Tax System’

38 tax officials from 24 IOTA member countries discussed their experiences, marketing strategies and shared best practices about public campaigns they have made in order to raise and increase awareness of the taxpayers. Read more

‘The Changing Landscape of Tax Service Providers: Instruments to Strengthen Tax Compliance’ (joint OECD-IOTA workshop)

23 tax officials from 13 IOTA member countries explored the business developments in the domain of SME’s and tax service providers and shared experiences in developing strategies to make cooperation with tax service providers a part of broader SME compliance approach. Read more

‘Non-filers and Stop-filers: Identifying Effective Solutions to Increase (Voluntary) Tax Compliance’ (joint EU-IOTA workshop)

25 tax officials from 16 IOTA member countries examined ways that IOTA member tax administrations can identify, handle and engage with non-filers and stop-filers, and find effective solutions to increase tax compliance. Read more

'Transfer Pricing Issues - Use of Database Searches for Comparables’

60 tax officials discussed how to apply a database search for a comparability analysis, and exchanged information on effective use of data sources for comparables as well as alternative approaches in the absence of such data. Read more

‘Best Practices for Improving Processes and Procedures in Tax Administrations’

36 tax officials from 21 IOTA member countries discussed how to implement improvements to internal business processes and how to modernize tax administrations and make them more efficient. Read more

Meeting of the IOTA Area Group on Debt Management

28 Area Group members from 25 IOTA member countries and the representatives of Taxation and Customs Union Directorate General of the EU exchanged experiences on structure, competence and position of effective debt management function within tax administration. Read more

Training on International Survey on Revenue Administration (ISORA)

36 tax officials from … IOTA member countries had the opportunity to gain hands on experience with the ISORA questionnaire and to get familiar with the RA-FIT data reporting system. The ISORA collects revenue administration data from tax and customs administrations from around the world. IOTA offered this training to its member to get acquainted with it before survey launch. Read more

‘Combating VAT Fraud’ Forum

38 participants from 22 IOTA member countries, EU and the Europol discussed different aspects of the prevention of VAT fraud such as the use of domestic supplier and customer listings / transaction reporting to prevent and detect VAT fraud, cooperation with other tax administrations within and outside EU, with law enforcement and other agencies to fight organised VAT fraud. Read more

IOTA issued new publications

Self-service for Tax Compliance IOTA Debt Management Area Group Task Team reports
The e-book “Self-Service for Tax Compliance” contains eight articles about the process and experience of use of modern information and communication technology to improve taxpayer services, compliance, and internal efficiency.
Read more
The task teams have examined and summarized measures taken by IOTA tax administrations to enhance tax debt collection processes and reinforce capacity to identify and recover tax debt. The final reports are available for IOTA members only. Read more

IOTA’s international cooperation

IOTA, IMF, OECD and CIAT signed Memorandum of Understanding on ISORA
ISORA   International Survey On Revenue Administrations (ISORA) is a joint web-based survey which eases the burden of data reporting put on individual countries and provides a more solid data foundation for analysis to assist and advance tax administrations across the globe. IOTA President, Mr Octavian Deaconu signed the Memorandum of Understanding on the cooperation between IOTA, IMF, OECD and CIAT at an official signing ceremony in Washington DC on 16 April 2016. Read more
IOTA Acting Executive Secretary in CIAT General Assembly
CIAT   IOTA Acting Executive Secretary, Mr Jan Christian Sandberg participated in the 50th General Assembly of the Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations (CIAT) "Past, present and future of Tax Administration” held in Mexico City on 26-28 April. Mr Sandberg opened and moderated the first technical session of the event. Read more


The fight against tax fraud yields a record €21.2 bn. in 2015 in France   Introduction of single taxpayer account in Georgia   Implementation of a HR Management in Public Administration Project in Portugal
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