Applying New Technologies and Digital Solutions in Tax Compliance

We proudly present you the newest IOTA Book which contains articles from the presenters of the 3rd IOTA Annual International Conference - The Tax Compliance Technology Showroom which was hosted by the Georgian Revenue Service in Tbilisi on 16-17 October 2019.




Table of content:

- The Data Journey: From Reporting Obligations to Advanced Analytics by Cristian Largeanu

- Entering the Era of Digital Tax Agency by Gabriel Bellenger

- Big Data Analysis towards the Future by Meri Sakanyan

- The Modern System of Risk Rating and Notification by Narine Harutyunyan

- Electronic Invoicing in Latin-America by Raul Zambrano

- Online Invoicing System - Real Time Data, Real Time Effect by Szabolcs Czöndör

- Blockchain for Government by Mariam Turashvili

- Using Blockchain to Combat VAT Fraud by Lucas Mul

- The SENT System - an Effective Tool in Combating Crime by Anetta Janda-Brzezinska

- The Electronic Public Road Trade Control System by László Kelemen

- COTS System Solution for High Usability of E-Services by Sanna Kuuri

- Trends of E-Services in Georgia by Lily Tsverava

- Using Sing Feedback to Improve Compliance - Tax Compliance Rating by Maksim Baranov

- A Simple Registration Process is a Good Foundation for Successful Businesses by Alakbar Mammadov

- SKATTI  - Our Digital Co-Worker: Experience form Developing a Chatbot Using AI by Helene de Faire

- Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) - Digital Prompts Programme (DPP) by Michael Charles

- Compliance by Design - Easy, Secure and Safe Business Systems by Eric Thorén

- Emerging Risks in Massive Data Analytics - A Data Scientist's Perspective by Antonino Virgillito


In case you would like to be sent a hard copy or the print-ready version of the book, please contact the IOTA Secretariat.