Unlimited Learning & Development opportunities coming up in Tallinn...

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By participating at the IOTA Tax Professional Learning and Development Forum you will get an insight into learning trends that have been already put into practice by different administrations. Different sessions during the event will cover such trends as webinars, use of videos in learning, blended learning solutions, new hire e-learning, how to strengthen trainers’ online teaching skills, gaming, and use of apps. Examples are going to be provided by Austria, France, Spain, UK, Finland and Netherlands.

Significant time is dedicated to the topic of demographic change, which is influencing human resources, training and development more and more. We will discuss and share best practices on how to find out what kind of knowledge is needed for now and in the future, how to attract new employees, how to educate new hires, and how to deal with retiring teaching staff.

Also, Switzerland, Poland and Latvia will give their examples on leadership evaluation and development. We will talk about evaluating and developing managers based on competency profiles, discuss future potential assessment and leadership development methods.