SRS Introduces Audio Assistance in Client Communications

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On December 20, 2023, the State Revenue Service (SRS) introduced a new tool - the audio assistant - for communication with clients who cannot be contacted through traditional channels. In short - clients will receive an automated call from SRS and listen to a pre-recorded message.

The new tool is part of the "Consult First" framework that nudges taxpayers to comply with their tax obligations. It will enable SRS to address taxpayers who have not responded to notifications sent through the Electronic Declaration System (EDS) or the post by sending a reminder in the form of an automated phone call. For now, automated calls are directed towards enterprises that have not declared their main type of business in EDS. In the automated call, the taxpayer hears a short reminder to do so and instructions on how to declare the main activity; the call also invites them to seek help if needed.

SRS will use the automated call for informational reminders and notifications only. This call will never ask for personal information, nor will it ever require immediate action, i.e., the taxpayer will never be asked to enter any codes or authorisation in any system. If the recipient receives such an invitation, they should hang up immediately as the call is a scam. If a taxpayer receives such a call, they are requested to call the SRS helpline and report the incident.