Poland Launches New e-TOLL System

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In June 2021, the Polish National Revenue Administration is going to launch e-TOLL, a new electronic toll collection system for driving on selected sections of motorways, expressways and national roads under the management of the General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways. e-TOLL is an advanced Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) based solution. It will replace the incumbent viaTOLL system.


e-TOLL offers the following user advantages:

  • real-time toll history viewing and account management
  • integrated online service, without any visits at Customer Service Points
  • all data, documents and services at a single spot


Transition to the new system will require a large group of drivers and transportation companies from Poland and abroad to undertake specific measures. They need to be reached with the message concerning the new solution to raise their awareness of its functioning and operation. The new system will be launched alongside with a nationwide communication campaign. The campaign has started in May and continue until the end of the transition period, with particular focus on the launch of our etoll.gov.pl website and registration in the new system. e-TOLL will largely involve foreigners driving on paid sections of roads in Poland.

You can read more about e-TOLL by clicking here.