IOTA’s official study visit to CIAT

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On 4-11 October 2023, IOTA successfully conducted an official study visit to the Inter-American Center of Tax Administration (CIAT)*. Under the framework of the Peer-to-Peer Cooperation Program between organizations members of the Network of Tax Organizations (NTO)*, the IOTA Strategy and Institutional Development Manager, Roman Bichevoy together with the PITAA Training Coordinator/ Office Administrator, Petero Maivucevuce had the opportunity to take part in a study visit at the CIAT Executive Secretariat in Panama City, Panama. The study visit was organised and led by the CIAT Project Manager, David Borja.

A group of men standing in a roomDescription automatically generatedDuring the official visit, Roman Bichevoy had a productive series of meetings with CIAT's management. The officials included the CIAT Executive Secretary, Márcio F. Verdi, along with directors, and other senior officials from the CIAT Secretariat. CIAT's officials provided practical examples and held Q&A discussions to help the delegates better understand their secretariat's operations. The representatives of IOTA and PITAA were also informed on the composition and functions of the Finance Subcommittee of the CIAT Executive Council, technical assistance, and many other aspects of CIAT work.

It was a great opportunity to learn from other international tax organisations like CIAT at a time when IOTA is developing its technical assistance and working on its financial sustainability. This was also an opportunity to discuss the future and ideas of the strategic development of NTO.

For more information, please visit the webpage of the 12th IOTA Talks conducted on 16 October 2023 (update on International Cooperation section)

*The Network of Tax Organisations (NTO) is a network of regional and international tax organisations that aims to develop a global platform to strengthen tax systems around the world for the well-being of citizens. The NTO was founded in May 2018 in Ottawa, Canada, and brings together 10 member organisations (ATAF, ATAIC, COTA, CIAT, CREDAF, CATA, IOTA, PITAA, WATAF, SGATAR) that represent over 180 national tax administrations worldwide. NTO aims to develop the capacity of NTO members and foster international collaboration and dialogue on tax in support of effective Domestic Revenue Mobilisation (DRM). 

* The Inter-American Center of Tax Administration (CIAT) is a public non-profit international organisation, founded in 1967, with the mission of offering an integral service for the modernisation, strengthening and technification of the Tax Administrations of its member countries, currently 42 countries in four continents: 32 American countries; five European countries; four African countries; and one Asian country.