IOTA workshop ‘VAT Avoidance - Special Issues’

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The IOTA workshop on VAT Avoidance - Special Issues was held on 13-15 January 2016 in Budapest, Hungary. 38 participants from 22 IOTA member countries discussed their experiences, example schemes and their approach to reducing the VAT loss due to avoidance schemes.

During group discussions participants examined the difference between tax avoidance, evasion, abuse and fraud, the possibilities of identifying and resolving VAT avoidance cases and the ways of preventing VAT avoidance. The workshop was also attended by guest presenters from both the OECD and EU (DG Taxud); the topics presented being “The VAT challenges of the digital economy, an OECD/BEPS perspective” and “The EU Toolbox in the fight against VAT Fraud and Avoidance”.

Further information about the workshop including the presentations is available here