IOTA to Apply its Newly Developed Employee Handbook

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IOTA Secretariat would like to notify you about the implementation of the Organisation’s newly developed Employee Handbook. As we have declared that all the members of the IOTA Secretariat are mainly regulated by the Human Resources Guiding Principles and some other internal regulations. The last binding document is the Code of Conduct which was adopted by the 26th General Assembly of IOTA on 29 June 2022 in Zurich, Switzerland.

The Code of Conduct is a part of the Employee Handbook and is an important instrument in enhancing and ensuring professional behaviours for all staff. The Handbook has been drafted to cover the main Human Resources Guiding Principles and with the Code of Conduct it should help the employees to be successful in their on-boarding process. The purpose of the Employee Handbook is simply to provide each and every employee with a convenient explanation of present policies and practices at IOTA. The Handbook is applied as an overview or a guideline and it will be signed by every employee regardless of their position within the Organisation.

The complete version of the Code of Conduct is now available on the IOTA website and can be found by clicking this link.