E-Residency in Estonia

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 The Republic of Estonia is the first country in the world to offer e-residency. We are called e-Estonia, as we have one of world's most developed digital societies.
The idea is to make Estonia bigger, in terms of economy and the user base for digital services. E-residency is meant for internationally active companies and people, who want to run their business and life in the most efficient and hassle-free way - the digital way.
At the same time, we are improving our business climate with e-residency.
Everybody over 18 years of age will have an opportunity to apply for a secure digital identity provided by the Estonian government - to get secure access to digital services to get anything and everything done digitally (sign all documents, launch and manage companies, do the banking, encrypt files, etc).
Life will be easier and more efficient for all these people who already have or want to have a business or other relation to Estonia. Getting things done in Estonia will be paper-free and hassle-free, even if you are not our resident or citizen.
Our government launches e-residency in a start-up-like manner: we will constantly be improving the application procedures and available services, also working with private sector to scale the offering by adding new exciting services for e-residents.
We start taking in applications from 1 December 2014 in Policy and Border Guard service centres in Estonia. We are working to expand to our embassies and consulates as soon as possible in early 2015.
In order to apply, you need to give biometric data (photo and fingerprints), present your national ID/passport and pay 50 Euros of state fee. In maximum 2 weeks, we will do the necessary processing and (if all is good) you can come pick up the smart ID-card together with necessary card reader.
With e-residency, you can become part of the digital society revolution taking place in our dynamic Northern European country. You can become an e-Estonian!