Actions by The Indirect Taxation Authority in Bosnia & Herzegovina to ease the effects of Covid-19

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Extension of deadlines

The Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA) in Bosnia and Hezegovina collects only VAT, excise and customs duties and is only competent to enforce regulations in the field of indirect taxes. The ITA does not have the ability to make specific decisions to move legal deadlines for filing VAT and excise returns, payment delays and other matters. If the Government of B&H and the Parliament make any decision in this regard, the ITA will implement it and inform all taxpayers.


Audit policies and tax certainty

The ITA has reduced the number of controls in terms of field inspections of tax inspectors. Office controls are currently underway.  ITA provides taxpayers with information on the application of legal regulations on a daily basis.


Enhanced services and communication initiatives

The ITA opened eight customs offices 24 hours a day. Filing of VAT and excise returns is done electronically, as well as submitting certain requests. Communication with taxpayers is done electronically. The call center is available to taxpayers.  The ITA implements crisis communication through its website and media in Bosnia and Herzegovina. All new information on indirect taxes is made public.


Business Continuity Measures

The ITA has established a 24/7 Operational Headquarters. Through this headquarters, we communicate with all other institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and transmit all new information regarding indirect taxes to taxpayers via the website and the media.



In case you have any document of information which you find worth to share regarding the actions, measures or concrete experiences in countering the crisis, please do not hesitate to upload it to the subpage focusing on Covid-19 Crisis Support on IOTA website in order to share it with other members.