Past events

24 Sep. to 26 Sep.
Vilamoura, Portugal
2019 FORUM THEME: Strategy to prevent, detect and combat VAT fraud
10 Sep. to 11 Sep.
Budapest, Hungary
2 Jul. Brussels, Belgium
4 Jun. to 6 Jun.
Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia
Gaining a greater understanding of the BEPS implementation process and sharing experiences and solutions to counter BEPS

The Forum on Implementation of Measures to counter BEPS is an important platform to discuss and share strategies and the practical application of working methods and tools developed to counter BEPS.

29 May. Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Enhancing digital channels as primary avenue for communicating with customers and delivering services
15 May. to 17 May.
Katowice, Poland
This event will explore the most recent developments in the domain of call centres in IOTA member tax administrations.
13 May. to 14 May.
Berlin, Germany
10 Apr. to 12 Apr.
Budapest, Hungary
9 Apr. to 11 Apr.
Ghent, Belgium

The HRM Forum will focus on best practices in running a modern HR organisation and Strategic workforce planning. The Forum is also planning to discuss and define “Tax official of tomorrow”.

19 Mar. to 21 Mar.
The meeting of the Steering Group of Tax Debt Management Forum is organised on 19-21 March 2019 in Budapest, Hungary.

The meeting of the Steering Group of Tax Debt Management Forum is organised on 19-21 March 2019 in Budapest, Hungary.

12 Mar. to 13 Mar.
Zurich, Switzerland
28 Feb. to 1 Mar.
Budapest, Hungary
19 Feb. to 21 Feb.
Baku, Azerbaijan
Developing strategies, processes, solutions for the effective use of data from the Automatic Exchange of Information.
12 Feb. to 14 Feb.

The event will provide an opportunity to share experiences regarding prevention, detection and control measures used to combat VAT fraud in the automobile sector.

29 Jan. to 31 Jan.
Budapest, Hungary

The Steering Group will focus on the preparation of the first meeting of the IOTA Forum on Communications to be held in 2019.

24 Jan. to 25 Jan.
Malmö, Sweden
15 Jan. to 17 Jan.
Budapest, Hungary
The Steering Group assists the IOTA Secretariat preparing BEPS Forum meetings and monitors the work of the Forum

The Steering Group (BEPS experts from IOTA members and the OECD, together with the IOTA Secretariat) acts as driving force, providing consultations on planning and co-ordination of the Forum work

11 Dec. to 13 Dec.
The event will provide IOTA member tax administrations with an opportunity to learn about newest IT tools for structurin
5 Dec. to 6 Dec.
Budapest, Hungary